Valerie Petts

‘I find I’m most drawn to light and to the harmony of the natural world. Until recently, I’ve painted both landscape and architecture solely in watercolour, but am now also working in oils and occasionally acrylics. This certainly allows greater freedom in the attempt to express something of nature’s magic and it’s good to have fresh challenges! Port Meadow, with its ever changing qualities, is a constant source of inspiration; it is on my doorstep and is one of my favourite subjects.’

Valerie is an established watercolour painter, having first qualified as a medical technician and worked for some years in clinical research in both London and Sydney.

She has been fortunate in having numerous exhibitions in England and has also shown work in Tokyo and Cape Town. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and also does a little teaching in the Oxford area, especially at Art in Action.

She has illustrated 4 books including ‘Oxford Words and Watercolours’, now out of print (“The book captures the spirit of Oxford with elegance and accuracy” – Lord Jenkins), ‘Consider England’ and a visitor’s book for the National Trust.


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