James Vinciguerra

James Vinciguerra studied illustration at Cambridge School of Art and graduated with a BA Honours degree in 1996. His prints are produced using a combination of drawing and digital art. It is a painstaking process which leaves no original painting and so, as with engravings and other forms of printmaking, each piece in the edition is original.

His influences range from Picasso, El Greco and David Hockney to Spanish artist, Mariscal. James also takes inspiration from John Piper who found subjects in the varying landscapes and architecture of Britain and Europe. …more

Neil Drury

He has been full-time artist for nearly twenty years. Most of my art pieces centre on subject matter from the natural world, with a marked emphasis on flowers, still life, plant forms and colours as their central components. Recently my tendency has been to move more towards abstract statements, serving both to refine and expand my fields of expression. In his teaching at museums, art schools, abroad and at his studio, enjoying and understanding colour is again very much a keynote.. …more

Sue Cook

Has developed a style that gives a new slant on familiar landscapes.

She uses watercolour, acrylic and ink and each piece is created by various methods of application, not necessarily using brushwork.

Sue is fascinated by buildings and the way in which they form shapes in relation to each other. She aims to capture an impression which she hopes is a refreshing change from the representational style. She uses a limited palette and brings life into the paintings with strong ink lines. …more

Valerie Petts

‘I find I’m most drawn to light and to the harmony of the natural world. Until recently, I’ve painted both landscape and architecture solely in watercolour, but am now also working in oils and occasionally acrylics. This certainly allows greater freedom in the attempt to express something of nature’s magic and it’s good to have fresh challenges! Port Meadow, with its ever changing qualities, is a constant source of inspiration; it is on my doorstep and is one of my favourite subjects.’ …more