Danielle Fox

Danielle has spent over 20 years in the art world, owning galleries in Cape Town and in Oxford.

She has worked with major artists in both cities, and during this time has successfully exhibited and sold their work in her galleries.

Danielle had her early exposure to art from working in her parents’ Seton Walker Gallery in Summertown, Oxford. This business also published a range of prints of Oxford by leading artists.

In 1994 she opened the Art Etc. Gallery in Cape Town, and, moving back to Oxford, she opened Inspires Art Gallery in 2000.

Over a period of 11 years, Inspires became one of the country’s leading contemporary art galleries, as well as specialising in paintings and scenes of the historic city itself.

Danielle now has a successful online art studio selling both prints and original works by many of the artists with whom she has worked  over the years.